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So What Sets Jumping Sheep Soaps Apart?

So What Sets Jumping Sheep Soaps Apart?
We use only the ingredients that are needed; oil, lye and water. Add a faint scent and a splash of color and that is all a soap needs! No extras just simple, natural and pure.
-We pride ourselves on not using Palm Oil. This oil is found in most handmade soaps and body products and we are happy to say we simply don’t need it! Our products are good without it and the Rainforest should stay where it is.   
-We do use Coconut Oil because after years of experimenting, it is our favorite recipe that we have tried so far. Coconut Oil itself is one of the most cleansing oils there is. Adding even extra oil, or superfatting, sets our soap apart because it will not dry your skin out but instead leaves you feeling moisturized, and very clean of course! 
-Our main goal is to make good quality soaps and products that we would use personally and sell them at a price we could afford ourselves. Affordable, good quality products, simple as that.
-Above all, we love making soap! Enjoying what we do and how we spend our time is very important to us, so we allow ourselves to do something different everyday, get creative and make an awesome and unique batch, or some days batches, of soap. For this reason we are a unique small batch soap company that doesn’t make the same exact soap more than once. We embrace the term Artisan and with making small batches (we can just barely hug our largest stockpot and only fill it to what we can lift) so our variety of soaps is constantly changing. We have new and limited editions soaps in our line almost weekly and our customers can expect something new and exciting every time they stop by our booth. Come check us out for yourself tomorrow at the Salem Saturday Market! Located at Marion and Winter St in Downtown Salem from 9am to 3pm. Mention this post and receive a free gift!