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About Us

About Us Woman owned business Small business owners Jumping Sheep SoapThank you for visiting our website and taking the time to read this information.
We want to tell you a little about us as we think it is important for our customers to know the people behind their products.

We are Brittani and Stephanie Thompson. We are a married couple who live together, work together, play together, pretty much where one of us is, the other isn’t far away. We both grew up in Southern Oregon, and were raised on opposite sides of Hwy 238, Brittani in Murphy and Stephanie in Jacksonville. We were fortunate to meet when we were young, fell in love and fall more in love with each other everyday. Our goal from the very beginning has always been to live a life we love and work together to make everything around us better than how we found it and to leave it even more beautiful. Our perfect day would include being at home, hanging out with our sweet border collie Bella and our mischievous cat Irie, eating delicious food and of course making a creative and awesome batch of soap!

For the past 10 years, we have grown more aware of the benefits of trying to live the healthiest way we can. For example, buying the local and organic foods whenever possible, eco-friendly cleaning products even down to the importance of organic makeup. We realize putting the money and time and effort into striving to live a healthier lifestyle can make us have more energy and cause us to make better choices and to be better people day by day. For these reasons and more, we were buying the best soap and organic lotion that we could afford, and we realized, we could totally make this!

It was originally Brittani’s Grandmother Misty who asked one day, hey do you want to try making soap? We said sure! Thinking this would be a fun project for the day. Pretty soon a fun project turned into a fun hobby, then one of Grandmas bedrooms was full of soap and all of our family and friends were getting soap for every Holiday, birthday, pretty much any and every gift from us they could expect some good soap! After years of this, the two of us girls decided to make some major life changes.

In February 2017, we quit our jobs in Southern Oregon, packed up our pets and our stuff into our Prius V Wagon and moved up to Salem! We wanted a fresh start and a new way of income where we could work together and build something from the ground up. We knew we wanted to stay in stunning Oregon, both of us are completely in love with this gorgeous state we get the privilege of living in. We love everything about it, the coast, the fields, the mountains, from snow to sand and everything in between, there is no better place than the Pacific Northwest! Brittani’s maternal family already lived here in the state’s capitol so we decided this would be our new home. Salem has such an exciting and motivating vibe, its a meshpot for all people of all kinds and we were so thrilled to become apart of this ever-changing, growing community. As we were driving up the I-5, the closer you get to this awesome city, the vibe starts to set in and the buzz gets your heart thumping while at the exact same time relaxes and calms you because you know you are almost home.
This is how we decided to call our new business endeavour Jumping Sheep Soaps. We always looked forward to seeing all the green agricultural, sprawling fields and of course the endearing sheep on our many drives up the I-5. On one specific ride, Steph exclaimed Oh I just saw a jumping sheep! How freaking cute! And that was that. Britt said ok Jumping Sheep sounds like Jumping Ship and that is exactly what we are doing, we quit our jobs and want to start our own business and whatever we do has to have the name Jumping Sheep in it. Shortly after we decided to start selling our soap at the Farmers Markets and Jumping Sheep Soaps was born!
We don’t think of you as just one of our customers, we care a great deal about what you think and how our products make you feel. We take incredible pride in and put detailed care into each and every bar of soap, each and every jar of body butter and scrub. We both ask ourselves, would we buy this and use it on ourselves for this price? We try, test and enjoy every product not only on ourselves but on our family and close friends as well.
Our goal is to provide good quality products, with the best ingredients that are good for ones body, heart and soul. In a world where we are constantly being bombarded with harmful things like chemicals and toxic substances in the water, food and air, our focus is taking our products and stripping them down to the good, healthy and only what is necessary to wash and heal from the outside in while also letting you know that what you are using on your skin is good and natural and hopefully will allow your mind to be at ease and in this way can heal from the inside out.
We want our products to be healing and helpful to you but we believe it is just as important to be good to yourself and allow yourself to be pampered and enjoy life’s little luxuries, even if it’s just taking a few minutes to put on body butter to let your skin feel supple and soft or using a delicious soap in your daily bath, smelling so good you want to take a bite (however we do not recommend eating soap 😆) Allowing time to enjoy the moments in your day is something we are really trying to focus on in our personal lives as you never know what the next day will bring. We had a major blow recently when Brittani, age 29, was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma in September, 2017. She was very close to, closer than we would like admit, to not being here with us. It was devasting and our life was turned upside down. She had to go through an extremely intense chemotherapy treatment for many months, lost all of her hair, weight and independence. As of now in May 2018, she is not yet in remission but the chemo worked and her hair is growing back and she is getting stronger everyday. Most of our customers at the Farmers Market have no clue when talking to her that this young woman has endured the worst and so recently. Her strength and her light are a constant reminder that we are so fortunate to have eachother, our amazing supportive family and friends and this little soap business that we adore because for us, now more ever, it is so important to love the life you live.
Thank you for reading about us and getting to know a little more of what inspires us and who created this small batch soap business. We love Jumping Sheep Soaps and we know  you will too.